With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements in the coating industry, water-based coating products are widely used in various applications. There is increasing demand for high-performance water-based products in the market. In order to meet the needs of sustainable development of waterborne coatings, Technical Control (TC) designed and developed a carbodiimide crosslinker (Carbolinker) which provides a new eco-friendly and safe crosslinking solution for the waterborne PU thermal set system. Our Carbolinker provides sustainable alternatives for formulators in the coating industry that ensures high performance while reducing the environmental impact.


High-performance Eco-crosslinker

Compared to the traditional crosslinkers, such as aziridine, isocyanates, and melamines, carbodiimide crosslinker is less sensitive to the presence of water. The mixture is able to achieve long pot-life in an alkaline environment. Due to its high reactivity, carbodiimide crosslinker can be cured at room temperature.


Given the advantages of eco-friendly, high reactivity and stable pot life, carbodiimide crosslinker is commonly used in waterborne PU coating system. It is a new high-performance crosslinker product. Moreover, carbodiimide crosslinker has an excellent performance in the aspect of chemical resistance, anti-stain, wear-resistance and improving the toughness and adhesion of coatings.


Advantages of Carbodiimide Crosslinker

  • Eco-friendly product, no harm in the application process and finished products;
  • VOC-free, no gas released under standard application;
  • Low cross-linking temperature and can be cured at room temperature
  • Longer warehouse storage period;
  • Longer pot life in mixture (recommended for pH>8 formulations);
  • Significant improvement on water resistance;
  • Significantly improvement on chemical/physical resistance, especially in the wear-resistance and adhesion of many substrates;
  • Feasibility of mixing with other aqueous dispersions;
  • High compatibility with polymer dispersions without reducing gloss;
  • Non-yellowing.


Product Parameters

Technical Control has launched two types of carbodiimide crosslinkers. Carbolinker D30 is a polymeric aliphatic pure water-based crosslinking agent, which is VOC-free with solid content of 30%. It can be used as an eco-friendly crosslinking agent for aqueous polymer dispersions, such as polyurethane and acrylic emulsions containing carboxyl groups. Carbolinker D60 is a polymeric aliphatic crosslinking agent with di(propylene glycol) methyl ether as a carrier. It can be used as a crosslinking agent for polymers containing carboxyl groups, such as polyurethane and acrylic resins containing carboxyl groups.


Carbolinker D30 Carbolinker D60
Appearance Yellowish Liquid Yellowish Liquid
Active Ingredient (%) 30 60
Solvent H2O DPM
Solvent Content (%) 70 40
Viscosity(23°CmPa.s) 50-300 200-600



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