In the manufacturing process of leather goods, it is inevitable to be stained by grease stains and hand sweat, and there will also be pen marks of planting and shearing, which not only affect the outlook of leather goods but also cause poor adhesion of subsequent dressing. Detergents are an extremely important basic material to eliminate these unfavorable factors.

In order to meet the needs of different leathers and solve problems in a targeted manner, we have developed different types of cleaners which cleaning strength ranging from normal to strong; not only cleaners with good leather grain expansion but also cleaners with dual functions of cleaning and softening leather. There are also special cleaners such as patent leather and silver pens. When choosing a cleaner, start with the gentlest ones and work your way up to stronger cleaners to get the desired cleaning results.

Each cleaning agent has its own characteristics that need to be selected and used correctly, according to the type of leather and the purpose of cleaning. Test the leather will it fade before applying any cleaner. Dampen a white cloth with water, wipe the leather surface lightly, and check is stained with color or not. If the cloth is stained with color, it means that applying any cleaning agent will cause a fade, please consult our technicians.  On the other hand, if is not stained, repeat the test with a leather cleaner to ensure satisfactory results.



Product Code Description Features Applicable Leather Types
CL-1300 Water-based Cleaner Medium-strong cleaner with excellent cleansing and degreaser power. It can slightly remove coatings on pigment leather. All leather types except nubuck, suede and fur.
CL-1301 Water-based Soft Cleaner Remove oil and sweat from the leather surface and help to soften the leather. All leather types except nubuck, suede and fur.
CL-1000 Water-based Silver Pen Cleaner Quickly remove silver pen markers without damaging the leather surface. All leather types except nubuck, suede and fur.
CL-1200 Water-based Silver Pen Cleansing Cream Cleansing cream designed to remove silver pen markers All leather types except nubuck, suede and fur.
CL-1005 Solvent-based Patent Leather Cleaner Provides a high-gloss finish and a silky feel that prevents fingerprints. Patent Leather
CL-1010 Water-based Aniline Leather Cleaner Excellent cleansing power without damaging the leather surface. Nubuck, Suede, Aniline Leather




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