Waterborne wax emulsions are widely used to enhance the surface properties of coatings to optimize the final properties of the product. By adding wax emulsion to enhance or improve product properties such as enhanced gloss, matting, enhanced hydrophobicity, improved soft touch of the coating film, enhanced abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-blocking properties.

Based on the characteristic of wax emulsions, different types of wax emulsions can be used in leather finishing, paper, textile and film coatings, etc.


Main Properties of Different Types of Wax

Type of Wax Properties
Paraffin Anti-blocking, strong hydrophobicity
Carnauba wax High gloss, slip, anti-blocking
Fischer-Tropsch High gloss, slip, abrasion resistance
Polyethylene Wax High gloss, rub and mar resistance



  • Low emulsifier concentration;
  • Excellent water solubility, stable emulsion;
  • Long shelf life without delamination and floating wax.


Product Code Ingredient Appearance Lutre Solid Content(%) Melting Point pH
WAX-100 Carnauba wax Beige Emulsion Matt 30±1 84°C 8-10
WAX-101 Carnauba wax Dark Brown Emulsion Gloss 30±1 84°C 8-10
WAX-102 Carnauba wax Light Grey Emulsion Semi-gloss 30±1 84°C 8-10
WAX-200 Fischer-Tropsch Milky White Emulsion Matt 25±1 105°C 10-12
WAX-201 Fischer-Tropsch Milky White Emulsion Gloss 25±1 105°C 10-12
WAX-400 Polyethylene Milky White Emulsion Matt 40±1 120-125°C 8-10
WAX-401 Polyethylene Light Translucent Milky White Emulsion Gloss 35±1 137°C 6-8



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