Because there are many kinds of leather substrates and some special requirements, ordinary materials cannot meet the dressing requirements. For example, leather goods Ageing after being used for a long time, and the cortex becomes hard and needs to be softened. Some leather goods are not easy to change color during the production process, therefore scorching solutions are needed to enhance the scorching effect; some leather with a fluffy surface, in the dressing process necessary to maintain the original style of the leather, a suede repairing agent needs to be used; some leather products are prone to mildew and deteriorate in moist weather, so special additives such as mildew inhibitor need to be used. Also leather repair creams and hand feel Special additives such as slip agents solve many problems for leather products.


Product Code Description Features
ST-12 Fatliquor Soften the leather
ST-6016 Suede Reviver Revive the vivid color and impart the leather with soft touch
ST-6011 Suede Fixing Agent Enhance the color fastness on suede
ST-6017 Liquid Burnishing Enhance the antique effect on leather
ST-6013 Leather Edge Hardner Harden the leather edge for buffing
ST-52CP Mender Dry fast, good filling, and hidden power
ST-6018  Hand Feel Cream Enhance the slippery feel on leather surface
ST-8011 Water-based Anti-mold Sterilize and prevent mildew on leather

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