The final step in the upper finishing process is to use a waxing machine to attach solid wax to the upper for different properties. Wax strips have different functions and use. According to the type of wax used, it imparts different effects to the leather surface, because it contains abrasives or other kinds of additives to meet the needs of different effects such as transparent high gloss, filling and repairing leather defects, making the grain surface fine and full, strong fading ability, creating a two-tone color and strong scorched effect, suitable for different polishing speeds. And colorful Brazilian toning wax gives you unlimited creative space.


Different varieties of solid wax are used with waxing machines of different materials, such as polishing wax with coarse cloth, burnt wax with silk cloth or muslin, polishing wax with wool, etc. Different materials and RPM combinations can be used to achieve different effects, for finishing the uppers for final shine and touch, also for the finishing of soles, heels and sole edges.


Product Code Description Features Available Colors
W-502 Filling Abrasive Wax Medium hard wax with excellent coverage, coloring and polishing properties for heels and leather edges made from cardboard, microporous materials or wood. Also suitable for antique finishes. Colorless, Black
W-500 Filling Wax The wax is fine and soft which can evenly fill the leather surface. It works well on all kinds of leather. Colorless, Black
W-111 Abrasive Wax Strong abrasive wax for buffing leather uppers, soles and heels. Fills surface grain and eliminates fluff produced by buffing or rubbing. Colorless, Black
W-LAB Burnishing Wax Colorless, soft non-abrasive wax, designed to impart a darkened effect to the upper and impart an antique effect on the aniline shoe upper. Colorless
W-LAB-1 Burnishing Wax It can enhance a darkened effect to the upper. It imparts an excellent vintage two-tone effect on veg-tanned or semi-veg-tanned leather. Colorless
W-F4N Polishing Wax For buffed leather uppers, sole edges and bottoms. It imparts leather with excellent natural gloss. Colorless, Black
W-9000 Brazilian Coloring Wax Natural vegetable wax with strong burnishing effect, and sealing power. Various Colors Available



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