In the final process of the leather, leather dyes are used to change the color of crust leather. Leather dyes is a translucent colorant that changes the color of the leather surface while preserving the original texture of the leather. Due to aesthetic considerations and market demands, leather dyes had a variety of colors providing unlimited possibilities for designers’ creativity and creation. Generally, leather dyes can be divided into water-based dyes, alcohol-based dyes, and solvent-based dyes.


Water-based dyes contain penetrants and resins to help attach the color to the leather fibers. Adding small amounts of grease and waxes helps maintain the leather’s softness and enhances dry and wet resistance.


Alcohol-based dyes have a fast penetration rate and penetrate quickly into the fibers. Compared to alcohol-based dyes, water-based dyes had a longer drying time, but do not have any odor smell.


Solvent-based dyes have good penetration strength while maintaining the original appearance of leather. However, with the increased awareness of environmental protection, the market tends to choose environmentally friendly water-based dyes.


Based on our knowledge of leather and dyes, and understanding of market needs, our engineers have developed different series of dyes. These products are environmentally friendly, not only reduce the impact on the environment and human beings in the production process and finish products, and ensure that the dyes have excellent physical properties, including dry and wet resistance, permeability, color fastness, etc.


Product Description Available Colors
Aqua Stain Series Water-based dye cream had high penetration and dying strength. It had characterised by good color fastness, excellent waxy feel, natural transparency, and universal usage. Also, it has an excellent performance in water resistance and wears resistance. Colorless, tan, light brown, red, yellow, dark brown, black
SD Series Semi-fluid dye cream had high concentration, good penetration and excellent dying strength. It provides the finished leather with a strong waxy feel. Colorless, tan, light brown, red, yellow, dark brown, black
DY 7000 Series Neutral dyes with strong penetration, excellent color fastness and good compatibility. Yellow, red, orange, light brown, dark brown, green, black, jet black
EC Series Need to be diluted with alcohol before use. It can also be added to water-based paint or solvent-based paint for coloring, with strong coverage power and good color fastness. Golden yellow, orange, fuchsia, flame red, red, pink, light brown, dark brown, light blue, cobalt, green, black, jet black



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