Shoe cream is a paste-type product that combines natural wax, artificial wax, grease and leather care solution. It is an essential part in the post-processing of leather shoes. TC had designed and developed various series of shoe creams, that have excellent polishability, gloss and repeated wiping, giving the leather a comfortable feel and full grain. At the same time, it contains leather care ingredients, which can effectively penetrate the leather to the inner layer of the leather to make the leather moist and soft, so that it is elastic and prolongs its life of the leather.

There are many classifications of shoe creams. If classified by gloss, there are high-gloss, medium-gloss, natural light and matt shoe cream. If classified by application method, it can be divided into polishing, self-brightening and spray shoe cream. In terms of function, it is divided into filling, iron, strong waxy, slippery touch and coloring shoe cream.

Before going further into how to choose shoe creams in the upper treatment process, we need to understand the leather used to make the finished shoe. Different styles of shoes have different functions, so there are different requirements for the choice of materials. For example, the materials used for uppers, in general men’s shoes are thicker, women’s shoes are thinner, formal shoes are made of fine and elegant materials, and casual shoes can be coarse and softer. Therefore, sheepskin and calfskin are especially suitable for women’s shoes, on the other hand, cow, reptile, ostrich and other leathers are suitable for men’s shoes. According to the performance requirements in the leather shoe modification process, it is necessary to use different types of shoe creams in combination with various material properties.

Product Code Description Features Available Colors
CM-5070 Filling Shoe Cream Featured with high filling power for cowhide use. Filling Shoe Cream helps to make the grain smoother and finer. Colorless, Black
CM-5200 Matt Shoe Cream Extremely matte with good penetration and softness. Colorless, Black
CM-5320 Medium-gloss Shoe Cream Medium-high gloss with strong leather sealing power. The treated leather is granted with natural transparent and waxy feel. Colorless, Black
CM-5330 Iron Shoe Cream For thin leather such as fetal cowhide, calfskin, sheepskin, etc.  Good penetration and softness. The function of the iron shoe cream is to flatten the leather surface. Colorless, Black
CM-5350 High-gloss Shoe Cream High gloss with good brushability. Colorless, Black
CM-5370 Strong Waxy Shoe Cream For men’s formal shoes, outdoor shoes, etc. The leather surface is granted with a more waxy feel and has a water-repellent function after use. Colorless, Black
CM-5400 Series Coloring Shoe Cream This product has strong penetration and coloring power, and can easily create different antique effects on the shoe upper. Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red
CM-5510 Slippery Touch Shoe Cream Designed for casual shoes and women’s shoes. Used as a top coat shoe cream, it imparts a smooth and slippery feel to the leather surface after use. Colorless, Black
CM-5620 Spray Shoe Cream Self-shine spray shoe cream with excellent filling power, waxy feel and hand touch. Colorless, Black

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