Technical Control provides the best solutions for the printing industry, aiming to fulfil the customers’ needs for the performance and aesthetic of products. Our polyurethane resin has widely used in paper and film printing, suitable for gravure printing inks or flexographic printing inks for OPP, PET and PVC films etc. Our products are featured with outstanding physical properties such as good adhesion, fast drying time, and excellent anti-adhesion. Among these products, our matt PU was very ripened in the application of film and paper inks. It provides rubbery feel and soft touch.



  • Solvent free, low VOC;
  • Short drying time;
  • Excellent anti-adhesion;
  • Suitable for gravure printing or flexographic printing.


Isocyanate Type PolyolType Solid Content
Adhesives TPU PVC Film OPP Film PET Film OPP
Coated Paper
Paper Coatings Specialty Paper Rolling Coating
PU 104 Aliphatic Polyether 40±1
PU 105 Aliphatic Polyether 40±1
PU 149 Aliphatic Polyether 40±1
PU 150 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 40±1
PU 161 Aliphatic Polyester 35±1
PU 162 Aliphatic Polyether 35±1
PU 163 Aliphatic Polyester 35±1
PU 611 Aliphatic Polyester 32±1
PU-612 Aliphatic Polyester 32±1
PU 616 Aliphatic Polyether 35±1
PU 621 Aliphatic SI 25±1
PU 623A Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 638 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 639 Aliphatic Polyester 35±1
PU 650 Aliphatic Polyether 28
PU 661 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 671 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 672 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 677 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 682 Aliphatic Polycarbonate 35±1
PU 816 Aliphatic Polyether 32±1
PU 822 Aliphatic Polyether 32±1
PU 8501F Aliphatic Polyether 32±1
PU 8509 Aliphatic Polyether 32±1




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